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Somarasa Coffee 3KG


Gods Alchemy

Only 150 year old organic green coffee fields are chosen where culture is preserved.

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Product Name: Somarasa Coffee 3KG

Quantity:   3 Kg


Somarasa dark coffee is a blend of all nutrients and somarasa with strong green coffee and slow roasted grade – A Robusta beans extract.

The research shows enormous benefits of poly phenols and high chlorogenic acid ( CGA)s  of extracts prepared from matured beans in heavy rainfall tropical regions of Malanaad region in Karnataka.    This somarasa is particular helpful in regulating sugar, cholesterol, memory related , cognitive and dull mind related problems.  It brings visible lighterness in body and mind.  This coffee beans are partially decaffinated, hence excess coffee issues are addressed , thus taking complete advantage of green and matured coffee beans of highest quality.

Somarasa is formulated with all those nutrients imitating the nature’s nutrition and nutrients from organic source in such a way, when consumed it would elicit burst of energy, youthfulness and glow. It involves complete nutrition that a cell requires to rupture, release, regenerate, repair, regrowth and replicate resulting in absolute new healthy cell proliferation.

It has more than 250 Macro and Micro nutrition.  It is ultimate nutrition of Anti-Aging and Immortality for which Angels and Demons waged a war through an ethical R & D alchemy process.  This is now available with name Somarasa.