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Havan Herbal Aromatic Oil – v2



Made with very high quality pure extracts.

A combination of oils for purification of the atmosphere and to maintain strong respiratory health and immunity.
It is to be used in a vaporiser or oil burner to purify the air and clear the lungs.

 Based on the traditional practice in India of burning medicinal herbs in the home as a cleansing and anti-viral measure, it contains 15 essential oils.

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The Havan Herbal Aromatic oil has been formulated by Dr Kumar based on the traditional practice in India of burning medicinal herbs on a fire in the home to sanitise the home and the respiratory system. This is also practised in temples and holy places and in the home to purify the atmosphere and to promote health. It is to be used as a preventative measure, to help keep the respiratory system healthy and protected from airborne viruses.

Today the same ingredients in the form of aromatic oils with particular properties have been chosen to elicit a similar response. The tradition of burning aromatic herbs at home has been practiced since Vedic times. Rigveda is all about fire rituals with the sound of silence or chanting in a particular style.

Dr Kumar, learned to perform these traditions in the Vedic system in many Ashrams and has practiced such Homas, Yagnas or fire rituals since childhood. With his expertise in chemistry together with his traditional knowledge, Dr Kumar has formulated this oil, shared it openly to help people benefit from any respiratory syndrome with the wish, ‘thus you may please be benefitted’

Instructions for use

Put a few drops of the oil formula into water in a diffuser or oil burner. An 550 ml ultrasound diffuser is best. A kettle or small pan on a low flame (but monitor the humidity) or a wet cloth with a few drops on a hot radiator can be an alternative.

One or two drops can also be used in a bowl of hot water for a steam inhalation (please note this will cause a burning sensation and eye and nose running)

For external use dilute it 1 to 10 with Argan and/or Vitamin E oils. This can be dabbed at the entrance of the nostrils when going out. It can also be used as an insect repellent.

Not to be taken internally.




















Please note:

The science of plants and their medicinal properties is very ancient and enshrined in the Ayurvedic tradition in India. Dr Kumar, with his vast knowledge of all forms of traditional yoga has formulated this therapeutic oil and it has been produced under his guidance. Traditions throughout the world in churches, temples and places of worship, burn sweet smelling and medicinal oils to purify the atmosphere and, it is said, to please the angels.

The claims are not verified or approved by any regulating authorities.

People with any allergies first should test before regular use.

Traditional Yoga is a charity whose sole aim and purpose is to promote health and healing to everyone.

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